Vilnius Adult Education Centre

Vilnius Adult Education Centre (hereinafter VAEC) – the first Adult Gymnasium in Lithunia, the only trilingual adult school where students of Lithuanian, Russian and Polish nationalities study in their native languages. Within the scope of implemention of  Life Long Learning strategy gymnasium provides an opportunity for adult people to acquire formal education as well as participate in informal education. It also paves the way for students with different needs and abilities to meet the education requirements, develop competences necessary to adapt to a constantly changing environment. To help gain new knowledge and skills VAEC teachers apply andragogical methods, offer a variety of learning forms and foster distant learning.


Attractive educational environment is being routinely built through holding integrated classes in the non-traditional surrounding, arranging educational excursions in the city and state, adapting innovative teaching methods, collaborating with partners inside the country and abroad. Experience of other partners is beneficial to the performance of the Gymnasium. Learning ourselves, we educate students who in their turn attract other members of the society to study and evolve.


VAEC has started applying for and implementing Socrates Grundtvig, The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), Nordplus Adult, ES SF, and finally Erasmus + KA1, KA2 projects. This activity helps the Centre communicate and co-operate with various educational institutions, create networks both in Lithuania and abroad. Projects give an opportunity to examine various issues relevant to the modern day education such as adult training, promotion of creativity, appliance of ICT in the educational process, training of migrants and their integration into the society. Our regular partners are Lithuanian Adult Education Centers and Gymnasiums, Adult Education Institutions in the European Union and other countries.

All these activities shape the image of our Gymnasium.



VAEC – multicultural, open-minded Adult Gymnasium, that creates and develops social networks, provides both formal and non-formal education, maintains Lifelong Learning principles.


A modern education community, providing members of the public with Lifelong Learning opportunities, based upon national heritage, recognized ethical, social, and cultural values, fostering citizenship, democracy, tolerance, and humanism.



Tolerance and respect for every member of the community

Personal progress

Sense of duty and responsibility

Cooperation and mutual assistance

Flexibility and reliance on the learner’s experience


It‘s never too late to learn


Collaborative Learning.


Welcome to school!

 Vilnius Adult Education Centre (VAEC/ VSMC) invites you to study and provides an opportunity to obtain basic and secondary education